posted by Elshane on Oct 5 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

Being a beach babe never felt so REAL!

Taking babez to the beach can be a really fun experience-- if you're prepared! Fortunately, the Virgo in me had us packed up and ready to go the night before-- and it was an utter success.

Here are our beach essentials that I recommend not leaving home without:

1. Your baby carrier (I use a BabyBjorn). When schlepping all of the bags, chairs, tents, dogs {Wouldn't leave home without Homer, of course!} you need all the hands you can manage. Keeping baby on your chest is a safe and easy way to "set up shop"

2. A tent!!!! So necessary. Alternately you can use a pack and play and put a fitted crib sheet over the top for shade. The tent is necessary for 90% of baby's beach time. Sunday took her naps in the tent, did her tummy time, and we also changed her diapers in there. She was only outside of the tent for short intervals throughout the day since the sun was so bright and we didn't want her to get too much sun exposure.

3. BabyGanics SPF 50 sunscreen. No explanation needed.

4. Long sleeve clothing, a sun hat, a sweater, and extra changes of clothing. I'd rather have a hot baby than a burnt baby any day of the week! Sunday is wearing SkipHop's newest long sleeve collection which I have been loving now that the weather is cooling down a bit.

5. U-Line plastic drawstring bags. This is a classic stylist hack-- these U-Line plastic bags are my go-to for everything, from packing for a trip, to a day at the beach. They're drawstring, big enough to fit a stack of folded clothing, and perfect for everything from separating sandy/wet clothes from clean burp cloths, to organizing toys and accessories. They're durable and reusable!

6. A monogrammed baby beach towel. Ok, you caught me. This is NOT an essential, but it should be. Sunday rocked her monogrammed unicorn beach towel and she meant business. I don't know about you, but I've never personally owned a monogrammed beach towel. And I'm pretty sad about it. Plus, they're on sale now here for under $15. Great baby gift idea!!

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posted by Elshane on Jan 19 2015, under Fashion

Never met a drop crotch I didn't like. Although these "beach pants" are perfectly suited for this very moment, {a January afternoon picnic in Malibu adorned with 40 friends, a football, and a really, really, really long #selifestick,} they can also achieve mortality in oh so much more of life.

Spot me going as far with these pants as wearing them to meetings with a tall stacked black boot and cropped little t. An ode to Aaliyah, the fly'est female rapper that ever did drop crotch, can always close a business deal with a smile and a shake of swag!

Photographs taken on Will Rogers State Beach, off the PCH.

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posted by Elshane on Jan 13 2015, under Fashion

I found these Ani Lee pants at a sample sale and had an immediate swoon moment. They were missing buttons but that's an easy fix for a wardrobe vet. I planned on getting ruby or emerald vintage buttons and turning the pants into a bejeweled crown.

Instead, I found these vintage Chanel buttons at a premiere button store in Los Angeles. Such a small detail, such a big result. Now these pants are basically gold.

Do you own an item worthy of a button swap? {Weekend D-I-Y project alert!}

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posted by Elshane on Jan 6 2015, under Fashion

Isn't it magical how you can escape into a world that only movies and picture books describe with a simple draping of fabulousity? To think that just minutes before putting on this lewk, I was just another gal in sweats. But here, now, looking back, I was e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. in knit and fur and suede and leather, oh my!

I've never been about the clothing itself. I've been about the fantasy of the role you can play in each lewk you create. Throw on a turban and you're "global". Throw on a cat-eye frame and you're "retro". Throw on a perfectly constructed fur and you're "regal". 

Throw on a a pair of sky-high Alaia heels? Unstoppable.

After all, confidence sometimes shines brightest through a semi-sheer knit dress in the coldest of winter months...

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posted by Elshane on Jul 28 2014, under Fashion

if Rompers ruled the world...

Top 10 reasons to wear a romper this summer:

10. You can invest in an entire outfit with only one price tag. {Then, use the rest of your milk money to buy a stack of colorful bangles.}

9. Rompers wrote the book on day-to-night dressing. It's the perfect one-stop item for a quick mood transition (just swap out your daytime flats for an evening wedge sandal).

8. You can wear it over your swimsuit to the beach, just to be perfectly prepared once it's time for rosé on the boardwalk.

7. Rompers that tie at your mid-section emphasize your tiny waist and also make your legs look skinnier. {#winning}

6. Have a romper that doesn't have a pre-cinched waist? Perfect! Grab a wide belt in gold or tan and pair it back to matching flat sandals for a polished vibe.

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posted by Elshane on Jun 12 2014, under Fashion
Pink and sand go hand in hand, sort of like Elle Woods and being a #girlboss lawyer. 
I always pack a slew of colorful beach accessories in tow when hitting the sand. Think-- series of arm bangles, extra pair of shoes (to heel or not to heel), wildly inappropriate hat, change of pants. Why?

Imagine you are {succumb} to one of these dreadful last minute situations:
1. You're at the beach and a deep thirst for a party runs through your blood. Cue: Seemingly "well-traveled" island hat to tame your makeup-less face and beach hair.
2. You are 'laxing incognito at a beach far from friends...when out in the distance arrives your arch nemesis, ex boyfriend, despised boss, or future husband. Cue: pump up the beach jewelry to look "cool".
3. The beach is draining and you bounce early to hit the lobster shack. Cue: comfy pants to get down with the locals.
After all, the Elle Woods inside each of us knows beauty under pressure, right?  
"Any Cosmo girl would have known."
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posted by Elshane on Jun 8 2014, under Fashion

I sit here editing this post while a prisoner of my first love, New York City. I've been here for one week on business, and constantly reminded why my parents chose to bless my life with the colorful reality of a big city upbringing. (Curious about my past? Read my BIO.)

Curiously enough, as I have been envying the evolving hustle and grind of my oldest and dearest NYC friends all week, I fortuitously find myself sitting on a rented couch on the upper east side, gazing out of this brownstone to the electric streets, only to be editing this very post.

This very post, might I add, is one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with Los Angeles. Throwing away everything I had learned to be accostumed to as a New Yorker {sweat, schlep, subways}, to trade it all in for {sun, serenity, S-Class Mercedes} Ok, fine. It's a Porsche. Happy? Oh, and a skate park on the beach. Because I skate. {Definition of skate: look cute against a cement background while slangin' a 16-year-old's board}.

Coming back to reality, a.k.a. New York, is always a jolt of feel-good energy. But in the end, skate me away to my new home of sky-high fantasy.

Just don't take away my first love.

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