posted by Elshane on Dec 26 2021, under Home Decor/Entertaining


I take my colors and prints very seriously, and that's why I like to keep them out of the bedroom. 

A neutral bedroom has always been a place of sanctuary for me-- somewhere to cleanse my visual palate, and start fresh with each morning's breath. 

A bed, like the Toby bed from Eternity Modern, is the foundation of our bedroom. It sets the tone and allows for an array of neutral linens, accent throws, and art to adorn it and change by season. If the bed is the trunk of the tree, the accents are the leaves, changing color, and sometimes falling and starting fresh with each go around the sun. 

These "leaves", like... literally... live plants (hay!), art, photo frames, art books, throw blankets, accent pillows, and bed linens can change with your mood. 

Home decorating doesn't have to be so final. Can't it be more like fashion? Where you have a closet and change around your look with your mood of the moment? Give it a try... you just may love the idea. 


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posted by Elshane on Jun 10 2021, under Home Decor/Entertaining


If you've been following along on Elshane's World for awhile by now, it's safe to say you know how much I love to...


this post is sponsored by Wayfair

So naturally, I'd want to make an equally fabulous entrance entryway in my own home.


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posted by Elshane on Apr 6 2021, under Home Decor/Entertaining


Furnishing a home from near scratch is equal parts exciting and daunting. I can't deny that I've lost some sleep over my vision boards piling up while making big budget decisions on classics vs. trends vs. gut instincts.


So I sat down with Wayfair last week and chatted all things home decor to give you a little insight into what goes through my brain during the decision-making process. Enjoy! 


Wayfair Q & A with Elshane of Elshane’s World


Wayfair: You’re a celebrity fashion stylist, blogger, and mom with some serious personal style. Would you say that your fashion style affects your interior design style, or vice versa? How are they similar or different?


Elshane: I have a very confident eye for fashion and style. Over the years, I have tried to integrate that eye into interior design when it comes to my homes. I’ve lived in ten homes in the last four years, so you can imagine how many times I’ve been able to test my limits! My go-to strategy? Mixing unexpected elements-- in interiors that would be the juxtaposition of contemporary design, vintage finds, and a bit of East Asian and glam influence.


Wayfair: We love seeing your creative, vibrant posts that simultaneously highlight your professional fashion and interior design style and your mom and home life. Your personal stories and authentic voice lend so much to everything you share. Has it been a fun ride blending all the parts of yourself and sharing your life through your blog? 


Elshane: I learned at a very early age to hone in on my self confidence. I do believe that confidence drives your inner ability to identify your own sense of style. Without the fear of a judging eye, you can really dig into what, aesthetically, makes you most happy. I enjoy sharing my colorful world with my followers!


Wayfair: Have you made any changes to your home design or function over the past year on account of lifestyle changes due to the global pandemic? How have you and your family adapted?


Elshane: I have always enjoyed being a host at home. Obviously, over the past year, hosting has come nearly to a halt. However, maybe the inner desire in me to host again one day soon has lent itself to me starting a collection of playful hosting decor, like tie dye table settings, acrylic napkin rings, and kid and outdoor-friendly melamine serving platters. 


Wayfair: Where do you find inspiration for the design projects you’ve done for your kids? Also, do your kids engage in the design process with you?


Elshane: My favorite rooms to design are always the kid spaces-- be it my daughters’ bedrooms, their playrooms, and their outdoor creative spaces. Color is everything to me, so I can’t shy away from rainbows, wallpaper, and FUN. But, if I let my daughters in on my design process, we’d have too much glitter and unicorns everywhere. Instead, I pick my favorite options, show them, and slyly skew them in the right direction for them to “choose” their favorites. A classic mom move...



Featured: Isabelle & Max Eyler Kids Table and Chair Set from Wayfair


Wayfair: Your home design style is so chic and elevated and expresses so much personality. Can you offer us a few room-by-room design style tips? Let’s start with your kitchen style. What advice do you have for people who would like to define their kitchen space in such a high-end, yet very real and livable way?

Elshane on Her Kitchen Style (and How You Can Find Yours!): I can drool for days over any room published in Architectural Digest, but if the space doesn’t feel realistic-- as in, if the children in the home can’t freely roam the rooms as the mini tornados they are destined to be-- then is it really a realistic dream? 


I want my home to be beautiful but also to be real, downright comfortable for my kids. The Wayfair kitchen table I placed aside my kitchen island offers just that for our family. Comfort, accessibility for the kids, and still a super chic sense of style.


Shop Wayfair for Kitchen: French door refrigerators | retro refrigerators | microwaveswine refrigerators | and more



Featured: Darrius Low Profile Platform Bed from Wayfair

Image credit: Wayfair


Wayfair: What is your number one style MUST for a bedroom space that makes a statement but also feels like the most comfortable spot in the world?


Elshane on Bedroom Style: A cozy, yet stylish rug for you to land your feet at the start of each day is exactly what we need every morning.


Shop Wayfair for Bedroom: Bed in a bag | Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases | mattresses from full size to king size (on sale!) | full-length mirrors | area rugs | and more





Wayfair: Can you share your take on powder room vs. full bath style? 


Elshane on Powder Room & Full Bathroom Style: A powder room is synonymous for… make your wildest fantasies come true! Slap on the dreamiest wallpaper and be sure to offer perfect lighting for your guests-- it’s the first place they’ll visit in your home, and the last they’ll see before they leave. If they look in the mirror and are well-lit and feel glamorous in your space, they’ll beg to come back for more.

Wayfair: You have created some seriously cool spaces for your kids. What inspires and guides you most as you design these beautiful spaces?


Elshane on Kids’ Spaces: I love to break all the rules and have all the fun. A playroom with A, B, C wallpaper? No thank you! A playroom with wild and trippy outer space wallpaper that allows my childrens’ imaginations to enter a new universe? Sign us up.


Shop Wayfair for Kids: Baby & Kids


Wayfair: Thank you for sharing a bit more about your life and style with us, Elshane!

Elshane: Thank you Wayfair! Can you send a contractor to my home to build me a new wing? I need any excuse to keep browsing your site for more furniture shopping!


Shop More Outdoor on Wayfair: String Lights | Patio Furniture Sets | Patio Furniture Cushions | Propane Fire Pit Tables | Outdoor Fireplaces | Wine Refrigerators | Metal Patio Furniture | Outdoor Games | Swing Sets

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SoCal Outdoor Living

posted by Elshane on Feb 19 2021, under Home Decor/Entertaining


Having a fabulous and functional outdoor living space in Southern California is par for the course, of course.

As a frequent host, but also a serious Virgo (ultra-organized, clean freak, perfectionist), I never in the past had a good relationship with outdoor furniture. The process of constantly covering everything, then uncovering (and where to even put the covers when not in use is a whole other conversation), was all too much work and dust for my practical brain. 



I discovered Outer recently after noticing their unparalleled technology with their patented OuterShell, which is a cover that is actually attached to the sofa cushion and rolls over the sofa when not in use, and rolls and tucks back behind the cushion when in use. See for yourself in my image above! 


Aside from its extreme comfort and excellent, top top top tier quality, the company prides itself on sustainability. Each chair is made of approximately 100 plastic bottles! And the furniture is 100% recyclable.



I infused Moroccan outdoor pillows and floor pillows from Society6 to enhance the colors of our outdoor space. The color explosion feels natural for our family-- as we always associate bright colors with happiness!


The white sturdy plastic rocking horses are from the Amazon Basics collection and they stack and store easily when not in use by the kiddos!




I finished the space with an outdoor washable rug from Ruggable and stackable tables from NewMade LA. The stackable tables are perfect for hosting because they can be easily moved to accommodate a guest sitting anywhere on the Outer sofa. 



Our 7-piece sectional is ideal for hosting a few friends over with their kids... we sit comfortably and watch as the kids run in the backyard. Although we're on pause with entertaining right now as we respect the need for social distancing, staying safer at home, and keeping to ourselves while we stop the spread of the virus, we really look forward to a lifetime ahead of entertaining on our Outer sofa!
Check out my full outdoor exclusive feature on Outer's website here!
Photographs taken in Los Angeles by Sabrina Hill
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posted by Elshane on Feb 10 2021, under Home Decor/Entertaining


It's one of those things where... if you know, you know.


What is? Oh, furniture shopping on Wayfair! Some might endlessly scroll on food blogs, or fashion websites, but for me, the endless scroll of gorgeous, attainable furniture on Wayfair is my daily passion!


This post is sponsored by Wayfair.


That's why I knew, when shopping for a perfect entryway console table, that Wayfair would be my go-to. I was in between the modern look, rustic, and vintage, and I was having trouble finding the exact piece I wanted anywhere else. When I found this beautiful console table on Wayfair, I immediately messaged them asking for more details about the piece, and they got back to me within a day. I purchased the item, and just one week later it was delivered with a contact-less, safe delivery to my doorstep!



Now my next step is figuring out how I want to style the console table. Stacks of books, photo frames, flowers.... every single day I find myself re-arranging the look. I've never had a console table before (the downfall of a small NYC apartment, it seems!), so the luxury of being able to style an empty tabletop in my new Los Angeles home is extremely exciting!

I guess my next step is to head back onto Wayfair to pick out some new tabletop accessories....


Photography taken at home in LA by Sabrina Hill

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posted by Elshane on Jul 8 2020, under Baby/Motherhood


At this point (summer 2020), I think it's safe to say that nearly everyone will experience a "quarantine birthday" this year. The question is, how will you choose to celebrate yours? 

For Vega, I wanted to give her that special first birthday to look back on for years to come. After a first birthday party like her older sister had (check out our party, here), it was important for me to give Vega that same warm, loving backyard party experience.

But how does that go down in quarantine mode?

First Step: Cut that guest list down to.... five... five very close friends who we've been having trusted play dates with over the past few weeks. A "quaran-team" as some may put it. The truth is, with such a small guest list, you're no longer playing host, so you can spend more time celebrating your little love!



Step Two: Don't skimp on that styled dessert table. Even though the guest count may be down, an amp'd up dessert table can really be the excitement and celebration behind the special day. For us in LA, it's a no-brainer to call Amy's Cakes and Sweet Treats, a small, female-owned in-home bakeshop that pumps out the most decadent party treats in LA. 

Hosting Tip: Having extra party desserts hang around the house for days is also a great way to keep the celebration going, long after the party ends. In our house, we celebrate "birthday week" or "birthday month" to prolong the celebration, anyway... ;)



Step Three: A little music and entertainment goes a long way.

Jam with Jamie came to play kid-friendly tunes and read stories to the kiddos. They set up their blanket ten feet away from us and kindly asked that I provided my own musical instruments for all the kids, so that nothing was shared between parties. It felt comfortable and safe!




I treated this party like an exaggerated play date-- no frills, just fun!

I decorated the yard with a select few of Sunday and Vega's favorite toys, including their Wiwiurka Double Rocker Balance Board, which can function as a climbing arch, as seen above, or can be flipped over and serve as a rocking see-saw for kids to crawl, sit, stand, and swing on!

I also layered the grass with scattered outdoor rugs, blankets, and chairs that I found on Wayfair. Wayfair has proven time and time again to be my go-to destination for all of my home essentials!




I believe these past four months have tested our ability to rise up and grab onto life in every way we can. I'm thankful we were able to celebrate our shining star despite the circumstances of the pandemic. We will never get her first birthday back, and I won't look back and regret that we celebrated the best way we could.

Vega Vann, you are mesmerizing! Sweet, intuitive, cuddly and loyal-- you are the greatest gift to our family and we celebrate you today and every single day.



Photographs were taken on a warm, beautiful sunny day on June 30, 2020 in Los Angeles by Alyson Aliano. Photopgraher wore a mask and captured the moments from a safe distance. 


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posted by Elshane on Jan 24 2019, under Fashion


Hey all you print on print ladies out there! Yearning to mix it up, but weary of pairing it all wrong? Well, there's no particular rhyme or reason to mixing prints, but one thing's for sure... it either works, or it doesn't, there's no gray area. 


Here's a general guideline to mixing prints. I challenge you to rise out of your comfort zone and mix away!

1. The Size Rule: Often times, prints that scale the same size (quarter inch flowers and quarter inch leopard) will work well together. Since the eye isn't heavily distracted by a distortion of sizing, the prints end up meshing well and looking like a natural pair.

2. The Color Rule: Of course, prints in similar color hues have a better chance of pairing well together. Try to find prints that share even one or two of the same colors and lay them on top of one another. Chances are, they can harmoniously blend. Cue: this photographed look. Notice how well the black of the leopard pairs with the black of the "Versace" print? Nailed it!

3. Different Eras, Different Looks: Generally, if you have, let's say a 70's inspired geometric print, I wouldn't suggest pairing it with a 90's funk plaid. Instead, for your 70's geo print, find a like-minded vintage fabric that will transport your look directly back to that time period.

4. Find your Neutral: In this photographed look, I used the snow leopard dress as my neutral. It offered a "blank" (laugh as you will) canvas for the wild jacket and felt like a natural pair. Find your closet neutral print-- maybe it's a tonal plaid blazer, or a polka dot sweater? Both sound trés neutral to me... and pair away!


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posted by Elshane on Jan 10 2018, under Beauty

If you know me-- you know there are a few recognizable and consistent staples in my Elshane palette that paint the picture of my vibe.

Nails, Nails, Nails! Nails have always been at the forefront of my style-- who remembers when I had my husband's face intricately painted on my ring finger for my wedding? Or the day I had to cut my claws-- yes, the day before I went into labor with my daughter. {I had some sort of mama-intuition that long nails wouldn't be the best for diaper changing-- boy was I right!}

Nails have always completed my look. So when I had the opportunity to test the new OPI Color Your Season nail lacquer collectionexclusive to Ulta Beauty, I dove right in. 



Above, you'll find the outcome-- a beautiful video portrayal of a day in the life of, well... me... as I add my favorite accessory to every look-- my nail art! The nails become alive... they become ART.

We spent days and days before filming this video playing around with color combinations and nail designs. What I loved most about this nail lacquer set is that I was able to go a little outside of the norm of one's comfort zone when mixing colors and graphics for the nail designs. 

Best yet? You can purchase the entire color palette exclusively at Ulta stores and on! And...and...BIG AND... stay tuned on my Instagram over the next few days for a chance to win the entire collection, too!



Enjoy some behind the scenes shots of the incredible nail art. You can clearly see how much fun we had!! What's your favorite nail design? Comment below! xx


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