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posted by Elshane on Jul 17 2018, under Life of a Stylist


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of my go-to luxury fashion destinations-- They asked me to discuss my favorite accessories trend of the summer, which naturally is a statement earring moment!

Truthfully, I can't get enough of the statement earring craze. She comes in all shapes and sizes, from mismatched (a personal favorite), to tassel, to oversized hoops and tiny hoops, and the list goes on. Below, I graze the topic and share some must-score earrings for our highly anticipated 2018/2019 fasHUN season ahead! 

Plus, you can shop my favorites in my SHOP THE LOOK section below! My ears are already ringing! ;)


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Photos by @theminimalistblonde

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posted by Elshane on Feb 20 2017, under Life of a Stylist

I am sharing a major wow moment!

A select handful of social influencers were asked to be a part of a very exciting project. Here, we pay homage to the yearly iconic Vanity Fair February cover story (the Oscar's Edition), that features the 11 most powerful women in Hollywood-- the Oscar nominees!

A group of 11 Hollywood influencers were selected to recreate this iconic image-- down to every last detail. We're a mix of fashion bloggers, on-air hosts, authors, fashion stylists (hey, that's me!), models, and all around boss ladies. It was an honor to be a chosen one! 

The shoot production was larger than life-- truly in the same style that any Vanity Fair 11-person cover shoot would be. Three makeup artists and two hair stylists, BTS (behind the scenes) videography, wardrobe stylists (I got to pick my own outfit off the rack, phew!), photographers, assistants, catering, you name it!

And, like the true New Yorker I am, I was more than thrilled to receive a 5-minute spray tan in my gown by Vita Liberata who sponsored the entire production! 

What do you think of this parody shoot? Did I play a good Dakota Fanning

Here is a list of the 11 influencers in the shoot, from left to right: 

@grasiemercedes, @elizabethkeene, @kathryneisman, @sydnesummer, @dianamadison, @elshanesworld, @tayehansberry, @makeupbyani, @makeupbylilit, @iamrachelmccord, @iamfashionlaine
Photographed by Leo Deveney @leodeveney 
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posted by Elshane on Sep 20 2015, under Life of a Stylist

Jaimie Alexander is flawless and bold in this Armani Prive gown. Plus, I'm really vibing with the short slicked back bobs these days. Hair and makeup perfection!

Many words that need not a sentence. Movie star. OMG. Glam. Sheer. Goddess. Kerry Washington in Marc Jacobs is just that!

Heidi Klum in Versace is an instant cause for controversy. I'm sure she'll hit the average American's worst dress list more than their bests, which is particularly why I love this even more. Her body and legs look flawless, and the left side of the dress is a complete 180 of its right side. It's a dress that makes you think-- is it new, is it old? Is it a vision, is it a disaster? In my opinion, a dress that can look that incredible on someone, and make you harp over its purpose is doing exactly what fashion is meant for-- makes you smile. This dress made me smile. 

Here's another look that made me smile. Kiernan Shipka in a complete Christian Dior look gave me a breath of young air, while bringing it home with the unexpected trousers. A fashion moment!

Emma Roberts in Jenny Packham looked flawless on stage in this classic modern vintage vibe. Also, it reminds me of my wedding gown so I had to give it some extra love. The double wrapped necklace completes this look. Amazing how one piece of jewelry can turn a dress into an entire moment, right? 

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posted by Elshane on May 4 2015, under Life of a Stylist

Rihanna in Guo Pei.

Yellow! But of course. Rihanna is the Queen of the Chinese night! The color yellow has been inseparably linked to the Chinese culture for over 5,000 years. It was worn by the earliest ancestor of the Chinese race, Huangdi, aka the Yellow Emperor. There is the Yellow River, Yellow Plateau and of course Yellow Fever (but not exclusively Chinese). {Thanks to my dear friend Tina Craig from BagSnob for the China History 101.}


Diane Kruger in Chanel Couture.

Diane stole my heart with her sheer sequin pants plus sash and beaded top. She reminds me of a China Doll that should be forever perched on my bookshelf (or in my closet). Effortless, on theme, and not overdone. 

Georgia May Jagger in Gucci.

We were all fearful for the overdone Chinese-themed ensembles that this years MET Ball theme, Chinese Whispers, would bring. We cringed when we pictured the likes of the Katy Perry-esque costume moment in an overdone high bun with chopsticks and kimono of sorts...leaning on offensive and low brow. 

Georgia May went there...she definitely went there...but in all the right ways. Her Gucci look is obviously Chinese in theme, yet couture in nature. The colors and patterns of the wrap, the slight obi sleeve, and the perfectly paired lace-up pump is exactly what I needed for my dose of Chinese art. And that hair? Head to toe perfection!

Beyoncé in Givenchy.

Gulp!!!!! Speechless. {Girl stole my bi-monthly hairdo though). It's hard to even describe what I like about this look because she simply looks so smoking hot. The application of the jewels around the neckline and naval are a plus. I'm just hypnotized.

Justin Bieber in Balmain.

A slim man can do no wrong in a Mandarin Collar. I have an entire rack of them freshly pressed in my man's closet at all times. Bieber seems to have taken note. Respect the collar (and the intricate cummerbund)!

He could have done without the sunnies, but then again, it's Bieber! 

Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein Collection.

The simplicity yet intricacy of this gown is stunning. Calvin Klein strikes again with the perfect simple sexy gown that they seem to nail decade after decade {who can forget Kate Moss' ultimate Calvin gown moment in the 90's}.

 I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this lace-up side boob detail on gowns, dresses, and tops emerging from designers high and low for seasons to come.

Allison Williams in Giambattista Valli.

It's no wonder that Allison would land on my best dressed list after I named Rihanna as my best dressed in her similar Valli gown from the Grammys this year. 

There's a time and a place for certain silhouettes, like an over-explosive ball skirt...and this was the time and the place for Allison!

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posted by Elshane on Mar 24 2015, under Life of a Stylist

Well that's Just Fab! The news, that is, that I've joined the JustFab Style Panel to partner with the fashion-foward shopping destination for a heavy dose of monthly Elshane's World style on a dime! I'll be styling looks from my favorite pieces of their monthly collections and posting them on my blog, as well as writing a monthly fashion column for their website. 

Stay tuned on my site for some serious budget-friendly fashion over the next few months, and you can also check out the full scoop on!

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posted by Elshane on Feb 23 2015, under Life of a Stylist

It's the teamwork between Lupita Nyong'o and her stylist, Michaela Erlanger, that keeps her on the best dressed list carpet after carpet. It's rare that you find a stylist and talent duo that work so well together. They take all the right risks, and it pays off every.single.time.

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein tailored to perfection!

Finally Jennifer Aniston brought her red carpet game to awards season on this carpet! Her past award show looks have missed the beat-- for a chick who can call in any designer in the entire world, it was a series of let-downs over the past two months.

This Versace gown is true to Jennifer's signature body conscious style, but brings her into glam-shabaam-thank-you-ma'am-mode! This is the kind of gown that looks better in person than in photographs because of the intricate beading and layers of fabrication. Meaning? She's having a lot of fun tonight feeling beautiful...

This is what accessories game strong is all about! Thanks to talented stylists who know how to place just the right conversation piece on the right person, both Margot Robbie (above) and Faith Hill (below) knock-knocked on the golden best dressed doors tonight with their minimal and chic gowns, adorned with stellar, stand out necklaces.

Margot in a Saint Laurent gown and Van Cleef and Arpels necklace.

Faith in J Mendel. 

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posted by Elshane on Feb 8 2015, under Life of a Stylist

Rihanna in Giambattista Valli is breathtaking. I am bummed but not shocked to read that I'm in minority here (the instagram side-by-side's of Princess RiRi vs. a shower pouf are totally unnecessary). I couldn't disagree more. She is a vision in couture! #1 STUNNA!

Chrissy Teigen in Emilio Pucci is like a Hermes box underneath the Christmas tree right now... totally understated, chic, refined... yet you know once she's opened she's on fire! For the character that she is, I'm happy to see that she let her husband shine on his day, and didn't go overly glam like she could have.

For the exact reason that Chrissy killed it in her understated couture, I bring you the latest in Kim Kardashian overdone (yet perfectly glam) Jean Paul Gaultier. No hate will ever come out of my mouth for an overly glam lewk! Supporting your husband in JPG is something that I hope to achieve in my near future, too. Girl's got game, and I'm down to cheer for it.

It pains me to put Taylor Swift in this Elie Saab dress on my best dressed list, because it's not completely WOW. But, she looked flawless, took a risk with the shoes, and strayed from her typical tooth-fairy gowns, so for that reason, she gets my nod.

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