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posted by Elshane on Aug 2 2012, under Home Decor/Entertaining

As July flashed by like a Michael Phelps butterfly stroke, the warm summer air grows thicker {literally}… hotter, dewier…someone save our hair from the humidity!  We are left with one month to lay, splash, shop, dine, and bike ride before the school year starts again.Case in point? Pool Party!
A Pool Party can be as quaint as three friends and some ice cold beverages, or, with an easy (cue magic wand) day- before- planning- via- elshane- guidance, can turn into a {properly epic event}.

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posted by Elshane on Jun 17 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Hosting is a natural instinct for me, since I have always relished pleasing other people over myself. I love watching friends eat, drink, enjoy their surrounding, and leave a party with an incredible story-- especially when it's on my home turf.

It was only natural, therefore, when Absolut launched their newest gem named Elyx, a premium luxury vodka distilled from pure copper, that a genuine partnership between Elyx and Elshane's World formed. A tequila fan I always was, until I tasted an Absolut Elyx martini and unapologetically switched teams and chose to {fight for the right to party}. 

I hosted an intimate, raging, California cool house party at a friend's bachelor pad/ art gallery/ over-the-top barn/ open-air mansion in Venice, CA-- a perfect setting for my guests to experience what copper-distilled madness could taste like. A venue like this, mixed with a well-curated guest list, and shaken up with a sensory overload of tastes both to the mouth and to the touch delivered the perfect house party environment. Best part? You can re-create this memorable event for your friends, too.

Follow along for how to master the perfect house party...

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posted by Elshane on Jan 10 2017, under Home Decor/Entertaining

When the chance presents itself, it's hard for me to turn down throwing a party. In this case, my husband was turning 35 this past weekend, and we knew we had a good throw down to give in us. 

I immediately knew I wanted a theme bash, and soon after, picked Studio 54 disco for its ultra glam, high spirited nature. I knew it would be a hit.

When you throw a theme party and require your guests to dress up, it's important to set the tone with the decor. You can't expect someone to go out of their way to find/make/source a costume, only to arrive to a party that doesn't feel 360 WOW. 

I set out to create that WOW effect with endless metallic fringe curtains, properly placed lighting, glitter, sequins, a black and white dance floor, a DJ, festive dessert, and a whooooole lotta FUNK!



Step 1: Needed a red, wavy wig. (Costume store, check.) Gold sequin turban? (Etsy, check.) DVF sequin wrap gown (how much more 70's can you go...check.) Glittery shoes (Jimmy Choo, check.) Vintage gold belt (Flea Market find, check.) Oh.... and....

Dressing my husband up as Andy Warhol, a.k.a. possibly the biggest known fixture of the Studio 54 era. (Such an easy costume, check, plus!)

And now for the decor...

I bought 100 yards of super cheap sequin fabric online and used it as drapery over all of the furniture to give an ultra sexy, nightclub 70's vibe.

Metallic fringe curtains doubled as entryway details and selfie walls all around the house.

Target sells LED balloons... yes, they literally glow in the dark.

Glitter everywhere... on every table, on the floor, on the bar, in between my toes. It's all in the details.

I rented up lights in red and pink and placed them throughout the house. The dance floor was black and white checkered and I had a disco ball and fog machine to set the mood. F-U-N-K!

All the party staff (two bartenders, two housekeepers, and DJ) were decked in 70's. I mean... if you were at Studio 54 in the 70's, wouldn't your bartender have an afro, too?

And then there's Homer, our son dog in his custom made (by meeeee) Moroccan tuxedo originally worn to our wedding. He partied until 4am, just sayin'...

I presented an endless dessert bar filled with my husband's favorites (ok, and mine, too). I hired Sweet E's Bake Shop to curate the insanely delicious selection. We feasted on double triple chocolate everything, s'mores this, cookie dough that, cookies 'n cream over here, secret peanut butter bars over there, confetti cakes, a tower of mini cupcakes, snickerdoodle blah blah blah, cookies, brownies, oh wait, and more, and more, and more!

Willy Wonka would have been IMPRESSED to say the least!

The rest is history.

I laid it on thick to the guests to give it their all with their costumes. No one disappointed. Out of all 120 guests, I counted about 30 afros, 10 ridiculous mustaches, endless polyester, sequins from head to toe, and laughs to last an entire year.

Considering throwing a theme party? Studio 54 70's Disco is a guaranteed groovy time!

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posted by Elshane on Aug 16 2017, under Home Decor/Entertaining


I was on the hunt for a new set of casual, everyday dinnerware. I checked out the usual suspects... won't mention any names but their initials include PB, C&B, you know the drill... Everything was expensive and unimpressive.

So I sat tight for a bit, until I stumbled upon this gem of a company, called Cheeky. I first heard of them when they sent me a set of babyware-- BPA-free plates, bowls, sippy cups. I was impressed by the quality, the design, and the cute prints. They still remain front and center in my baby feeding line-up.

Then I saw that they make porcelain dinnerware... and for every plate purchased, the company donates a meal to someone in need in the U.S.. I was sold. Great quality, great prices, great prints, great cause. Need any other reason to look any further? I would hope not!


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posted by Elshane on May 14 2018, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Well New York has been off to an exciting start! You have to remember, the last time I lived here, I was in my 20's, working a 9-7 job, single, and living in a shoe box studio.

Now, 8 years later I'm back and I'm a complete 180! I'm in my 30's, own my own business on my own time, I'm married with a daughter, and living in an apartment {and life!} of my dreams. 

So yes, New York has been fun. But... there was something missing...


I was invited (and honored) to host a Mother's Day event in conjuntion with Cybex (the high end stroller and car seat company) and Fashion Mamas (a members-only organization that brings together working mamas in the fashion industry). 

This event came at the perfect time for me. Amist relishing the new adventure that was New York City, came a deep loneliness -- missing my mama friends, companions, and co-workers in Los Angeles whom I had grown so close to -- sharing every silly detail about our parenting existance. 

Although relationships like that never fade, it was important that I carved new relationships with like-minded mothers in New York City, so I jumped on the opportunity to host an event that catered to ultimate boss mamas. 

The company, the decor, the florals, the food, and the laughs... it was all divine! Thank you to all who attended my Mother's Day brunch. I loved meeting each and every one of you! Until next time...



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posted by Elshane on Aug 24 2022, under Home Decor/Entertaining


A celebration was in order. Occassion? My birthday. Solution? Hire Gathar, of course.

Gathar is a concierge platform that just arrived in Los Angeles by way of Australia that connects private chefs to Los Angeles residents for an in-home dining experience of any size or capacity. When I decided I wanted to host an intimate 60-person dinner party for my birthday, Gathar was the perfect first phone call. 



I had a few back and forth conversations with the Gathar team so that they could get my vibe: I'm feeling a female chef, healthy and inviting California cuisine, and most importantly, an easy and welcoming way of eating. Not a sit-down dinner, must be able to roam with your plate of food for ultimate conversation... was my starting point. The rest? Well, I don't know, they did all the work!


The theme was SOME LIKE IT HAUTE PINK and guests arrived in their best hues of my favorite color. Having a color as a theme was too much fun. 


We danced all night long underneath a pink disco ball to tunes played by a local band. We drank Whispering Angel rosé wine, which is my favorite pinkest of pink drinks on the market! The night was a perfect success. 



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