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posted by Elshane on Aug 27 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Dear Diary,

I had the best 30th birthday a gal could ask for!!! Well fine, I guess I should pat myself on the back and say it was all my "fault". That #ELCHELLA theme, you know, "Elshane's Coachella", was a recipe for success the second my gals started chowing down on my Fritzi Hot Dog truck, serving up LA's finest gourmet 'dogs and accouterments topped on pretzel buns.

Also, it didn't hurt that I created possibly the most epic D-I-Y station of all time, my Harajuku Sunglasses Stand, where I ordered 500 cheeseburger, ice cream cone, and penguin mini erasers, along with pearls, rhinestones, and googily eyes to hot glue onto faux Ray-Ban sunnies.

But wait, maybe it was actually the 16-person "shotski" that made #Elchella, well, #Elchella. Or do you think it was the countless Tribe of Jewels metallic tattoos that I shared with all of my guests to put where they pleased? Ah, yes, that could be it! I remember that four hours into the perfectly chilled and forever free-flowin' Tequila Avion, all of the macho guys were begging us proper ladies to "tramp stamp" their lower backs with metallic suns and tribal symbols!

Although, thinking back, I think my favorite part was actually the 4-member Rock Band that I hired and chartered to travel all the way from Santa Barbara to rock out at 10,000,000 volts of volume to classics like Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana

Wait, now I really remember why it was the best day ever...

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CAMP SUNDAY: Sunday's 4th birthday!

posted by Elshane on Mar 20 2020, under Baby/Motherhood


Sunday turned 4 and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by hosting a GLAMPING party for all of her friends! Living in LA the past 10 years, glamping has always been a thing. Glamping is, of course, Glam Camping! 


...and CAMP SUNDAY was born...


We hosted the event at CAMP STORES, an experience store that is exactly what you dream up creating as a child, if you were anything like me... "I want to build a store that is a rotating theme experience store-- blending a magical toy store, with interactive experiences inside, including rotating art rooms, climbing apparatuses, and a theater to do arts and crafts, music, and more." Well, dream no more! Yes.... that now exists, thanks to CAMP!


Can you think of a better birthday party destination? :)



First "to do" when creating a theme party experience is the dessert table, of course. The dessert table is always a blank canvas to really amp up your theme and provide the full party experience for your guests. Plus, in the age of social media, it also serves as the perfect backdrop for family photos-- so the more effort you put into it, the better your photos will look! And you know what they say... if you didn't get a photo, it didn't happen.


Cakester created the most mind-blowing double layer CAMP SUNDAY cake -- equipped with real functioning electric camping lights that strung around the trees at the top of the cake, a canoe hanging across the side, a CAMP SUNDAY sign, toasted marshmallows, and a pink glitter tent to heighten the glamping theme! 


We scattered personalized camp-esque cookies from Amy's Cakes around the table as an added layer of delight! I can't seem to host a party without Amy's cookies. They are a conversation starter, a great take-away gift, they taste even better than they look, and they last well over a week so you can order them well in advanced and save your last minute errands for other party needs.


We finished the tablescape with personalized photos and signage from Minted-- my go-to resource for personalized party goods, stationery, and invitations. The CAMP SUNDAY signs, photos, and disposable table signs from Minted proved to be the perfect way to complete the CAMP SUNDAY theme.




A glamping party isn't complete without a GLAMPING STATION! And for 4 year olds, that means one thing, and one thing only... spa day! Manicures! Makeup! The works!


Sassy Princess Spa set up a glam manicure station and DIY sparkle lip balm station for the little ones who wanted an escape to the glamping spa. They even brought white silk robes for the kids to wear while they were getting their services done. 


And yes, the kids nails dried quick enough to jump in to their next activity of the party... DIY Lava Lamp making with the CAMP SUNDAY counselors. 



When I look back at my memories from camp as a child, I distinctly remember my Caboodle, personalized with my name in bubble letters, filled to the brim with my kiddie makeup and jewelry. How about you? (Spoiler: I might still own mine....ok, yes, I definitely still do!)


I wanted to recreate that memory for the kids, so I used my art skills and handmade personalized Caboodles for the girls' goodie bags! Then, I stickered them up using these vinyl travel stickers to make the Caboodles feel vintage and unique. 

I filled the Caboodles with a few of our favorite GLAM items, including some of the latest products from Petite & Pretty -- our go-to kids makeup brand that makes the most incredible glitter hair spray, lip gloss, eye shadows, and more! We also included a few nail polish colors from our favorite kids non-toxic nail polish company, Piggy Paint!



The boys walked away with personalized Nature Explorer Kits, which is perfect for any gender, of course. The box is stuffed with all kid-friendly camping essentials, like binoculars, a flashlight, fan, compass, and more!



What camp experience would be complete without a show or performance of sorts, am I right? Unfortunately, Beyoncé wasn't availalbe, soooooo we went in another direction. ;)


We had a Magic Show at CAMP SUNDAY and when Sunday pulled a live bunny rabbit out of a box, the kids went wild! Note to parents: bunny rabbits at birthday parties are a hit. Sunday won't stop talking about her special guest at her party. ;)


We had pizza, cake, a dance party and endless laughs. 


We thank CAMP Stores for providing such a dream party venue for our special day! If you live anywhere near a CAMP location, I absolutely recommend it as your first choice party destination!



Photography by Karya Schanilec

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posted by Elshane on Aug 24 2022, under Home Decor/Entertaining


A celebration was in order. Occassion? My birthday. Solution? Hire Gathar, of course.

Gathar is a concierge platform that just arrived in Los Angeles by way of Australia that connects private chefs to Los Angeles residents for an in-home dining experience of any size or capacity. When I decided I wanted to host an intimate 60-person dinner party for my birthday, Gathar was the perfect first phone call. 



I had a few back and forth conversations with the Gathar team so that they could get my vibe: I'm feeling a female chef, healthy and inviting California cuisine, and most importantly, an easy and welcoming way of eating. Not a sit-down dinner, must be able to roam with your plate of food for ultimate conversation... was my starting point. The rest? Well, I don't know, they did all the work!


The theme was SOME LIKE IT HAUTE PINK and guests arrived in their best hues of my favorite color. Having a color as a theme was too much fun. 


We danced all night long underneath a pink disco ball to tunes played by a local band. We drank Whispering Angel rosé wine, which is my favorite pinkest of pink drinks on the market! The night was a perfect success. 



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