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They grow so fast! But it keeps getting better...

Now that Sunday is so mobile and active at her ripe age of 8 months, we love taking her everywhere with us on the weekends. I used to lug my 25 lb stroller everywhere I went-- the schlepping, OMG! Break it down, throw sorry I mean use all my arm strength possible to jam it in the back of my trunk, put it back together, narrowly squeeze through crowds with my wide load... I think you get the idea.

There's a time and place for the big mama stroller-- but when you're on the go on the weekends, something ultra light, foldable, thin and portable is just what the...Pediatrician ordered. ;) 

A friend recommended Joovy as her go-to "umbrella stroller" brand. (Get it? It folds up on the go like an umbrella.) I've been loving the accessibility of it, and I know Sunday feels pretty fly in it, as well!

I mean, really though. What does she have to complain about? The girl has a multiple car garage for herself. We're doing just fine.

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When a golden tan isn't at your fingertips, your beauty routine has to rely less on the natural glow, and more on a statement punch. A bold lip for winter is a classic beauty hack used by celebrity makeup artists and taste makers worldwide. Who knew that two swipes of a colored stick could be considered so "genius"? 

I've laid out my five favorite lip colors for winter, from the most trusted lipstick brands in the game. Simple, affordable, and stylish, these colors are guaranteed to elevate your winter style!

Above is the Urban Decay Sheer Shame. This stick is a mixed berry hue with a bit of shine-- it's juicy and sultry. 

Reds are a delicate subject-- there are the orangey reds (like above), and the blue-ish reds (like below). It's beneficial to have both in your makeup drawer!

Above is Laura Geller's Big Apple Red. It's shiny and bright and ultra moisturizing.

Now here's a blue-ish red by NARS called Dragon Girl. This stick is a fan favorite and an Elshane's World ultra-fav. If you don't own it-- I'm confused. What are you waiting for? It's matte, dry, and long lasting. It looks good on absolutely, positively everyone!

Milani makes the most luxurious, affordable makeup in the game. This purple berry hue, called 65, is rich enough to be the stand-alone statement to your day or evening's outfit. It's one of those colors that you should expect to get stopped on the street for-- the compliments keep coming!

And then there's that perfect nude that is a makeup drawer must. For the times when you go heavy on the eyes, but need a lip to finish the look. Flower's Naked Petal will give you just that-- all for a shocking $7!

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posted by Elshane on Nov 28 2016, under Fashion

This dress is reversible, let's start with that.

I don't think I've ever owned a great reversible item before. My husband, who makes clothing for stores like Walmart, Sears, Target, etc, was always trying to sell me on his men's reversible shorts idea. I was always like, "Ehhh, next idea please," time after time. But now, I think he might be on to something...

This dress excites me because I feel like I have two dresses in one- -and they both serve very different purposes. The orange snow leopard is an obvious nod to my everyday colorful life, but the black --almost menswear tie- inspired -- printed dress is perfect for a quick night out. 

Kenzo x H&M did it-- they mastered the two-fer! I'm sold. Literally. Sold. 

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posted by Elshane on Nov 18 2016, under Fashion

I will never forget when I fell in love with chic suiting. It was 2006 and I was the public relations assistant at Diane von Furstenberg headquarters in NYC. Like a scene from Devil Wears Prada, the hallways reeked of female power. These women were everything I dreamed of becoming-- smart boss lady boo-boos who commanded any room they entered. 

And what did they all wear? Chic, fashionable suits. Not your average Theory interview suit, I'm talking bouclés, rouging, pintucking, and flirty silhouetted suits. The kinds you saw at Paris Fashion Week but you didn't know really existed in real life. Of course, many were made by DVF herself. 

Fast forward 10 years, a superhuman brand of fashionable boss lady suiting emerges, Argent. And here, my fellow fembots, all of my suiting dreams have come true.

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posted by Elshane on Nov 16 2016, under Fashion

It's rare to see me without a rainbow of colors.

So when I steer in the other direction, I go all-in. Case in point? White on white on white. Cream on white on winter white on beige on tan on khaki. However you want to label it.

I've always been a huge fan of monochromatic dressing. I've taken it to the extremes of tonal pinks, and then back to basics with creams. It works every.single.time. 

It's the easiest fashion tip for anyone trying to push the envelope. Take it tonal and don't turn back!

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posted by Elshane on Nov 11 2016, under Fashion

So, yeah, I like bling. I like when it blings in blue and yellow and green and gold. That's cue for sapphires, yellow diamonds, emeralds, and karats, oh my! And sometimes I want to treat myself... or steer a certain significant other over the rainbow into the pot of gold. {Wink, wink to husbands everywhere!}

Until recently, I've found it very difficult to shop the internet for fine jewelry. I've checked websites like ShopBop, Barneys, and Saks, but I find their fine jewelry selections to be stale, uninspiring, and absurdly expensive. Shopping for fine jewelry seemed to be an outdated process.

Until now.


Swoonery is a luxury e-commerce site that has innovated the fine jewelry shopping experience. It showcases unique pieces by both established brands and up-and-comers that you won't find at your neighborhood jeweler. Also, they pride themselves on their costumer service aspect, making it a priority to get to know you as a consumer to make tailored jewelry recommendations depending on your taste and desires.

They're basically like your family's new "go-to jewelry guy", except you don't have to buzz through two black gates to get inside. They're just a mouse click away...


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posted by Elshane on Oct 27 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

Whereas most mamas I've encountered run toward the opportunity to start giving their babies solid foods at the four month mark, I was really happy to sit back and wait until the other recommended age, six months. Sunday could hardly sit up on her own at four and five months, so the thought of her swallowing and digesting food just didn't yet make sense in my mind.

Fast forward to five and a half months...

I blinked and the girl was crawling around the house at lightening speed, sitting up on her own, and saying "dada" as frequently as a I chant "Chanel". {I know... HELP!}. So just like that, I knew it was time to whip out "the Bentley of high chairs, and the Harvard of baby food makers" as my husband so accurately jokes!


Like most other infant essentials, the process of finding "the right" high chair was daunting. I saw some with bells, some with whistles, and some just completely aesthetically chic (and unchic for that matter). Every mom had an opinion, and I was a little too tired to care, to tell you the truth.

I did my own research and found the newest high chair on the market, made by 4moms, the company that created my favorite vibrating swing and bath tub that Sunday rocks, so I investigated further. 

What I discovered is that this high chair is a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y the best. She seat belts in like a sturdy champ, the tray pops on and off with one hand (because you're obviously holding baby with your other hand while getting her in and out), and the entire chair can be wiped clean with one swipe of a wet paper towel.

Don't think I forgot to mention the coolest part. The tray is magnetized, and 4moms makes magnetic bowls and utensils. Think about this... a bowl that is magnetically stuck to the tray to defy baby's strong, strong desire to throw plates filled with food across the room. (Side note-- if baby tries hard enough, yes, she can break the magnetic bond. Maybe that's just because Sunday is The Hulk, though). 

Also, I found it interesting that 4moms decided to make their high chair sit lower than your standard high chair. I wondered why until I started using mine. It's at the perfect height for you to sit down in your chair at the table, and feed your baby at eye level. It's genius. 


As a super busy working mom, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to give Sunday the most carefully thought out, nutritious meals. I saw a lot of moms on Facebook constantly whipping up the most ridiculous baby meals and I just didn't have the time or patience to go down that road. 

Cue BabyBrezza brand (remember my #1 must have newborn essential blog post, featuring their formula maker, which I still use every four hours of my life), coming in for the win!!

They make a 1-step glass baby food maker which is every busy mom's best friend. After filling the machine up with purified water and tossing in any raw, uncooked organic chopped concoction, just throw a lid on it, and press the steam and puree button and, you my friend, just cooked your baby a nutritious meal! You, meaning ME! I became ONE OF THOSE FACEBOOK MOMS; all because of this food maker. 

(Bragging Rights: Last week I made my husband a clean roasted chicken with roasted carrots, Brussel sprouts, and squash. After dinner, I grabbed some of the remaining leftovers and threw it ALL in the BabyBrezza at once-- the chicken, carrots, Brussels, and squash-- and pressed the puree button and had myself a stock of Gwyneth Paltrow-approved baby food for days to come. Sunday LOVED it! I also froze a bunch of it in these convenient freezer square savers to reintroduce to her next month. If you follow me @elshanesworld on Instagram, you would see these exciting shenanigans on my Instagram Stories.)


So that's my solid foods story. This is only the beginning...

HEY! Like the content on the blog? Please comment in the comments section and let me know how you feel! 


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