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posted by Elshane on May 26 2015, under Home Decor/Entertaining

And with the blink of an eye, summer is once again upon us!

To celebrate, I threw a pool party and BBQ for 80 of my closest friends. You know, just the inner circle! ;)

I served Svedka Vodka cocktails using their new Grapefruit Jalapeno flavored vodka. Mixed with white cranberry juice and fresh lime juice, and garnished with fresh basil picked from my garden, it was refreshing and tasty. Sort of that thing where... you can't have just one!

Some party highlights:

Breaking in my new Safavieh outdoor furniture (to rave reviews)!

VIP guest Jeff Ross from Comedy Central kicking back all day long (all of the boys at the party were "freaking out" as we ladies would appropriately describe).

Successfully finishing the keg (always a proud moment, don't you agree?)

The Andy Cohen-themed 12-person Shotski making its rotation around the party all day long.

I got invited to a destination wedding this weekend from a couple 5-days away from getting married...A couple I had never met before. And I considered it...

The 8 dogs who showed up to boogie down with Hollywood Homer.

The ribs, steak, chicken, turkey burgers, and sausages. And all of the men who manned the grill with courage and conviction.

Oh, and of course night swimming with the last 12 remaining guests in the 85 degree heated pool!

Want to see more action from the actual party? Check out some photos of the big event on my instagram @elshanesworld!

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posted by Elshane on May 18 2015, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Call it the War of the West... two hotels side by side, each designed by two of our home decor world's greatest and most individually unique artists, Jonathan Adler vs. Kelly Wearstler. Here, we have The Parker Palm Springs vs. The Avalon Palm Springs.

The Parker can thank Jonathan Adler for their 2004 re-design, a luxe bohemian oasis with a mix of global design influences —  Peruvian weavings and Edwardian chairs. You can spot pieces from his own collection every so often, like his famous Muse sculptures.

The Avalon (originally The Viceroy but with a recent name change) has Kelly Wearstler written all over it, when she brought her classic Hollywood Regency glamour straight to the desert. Black and White geometric walls are splattered with punches of citron and framed with sculptural trees.

Since my own home is a sanctuary of both Adler and Wearstler, it was hard to pick a winner.

But I did. The Parker. 

Enjoy photos of both hotels. I hope you can guess which photos are which hotel! Hint-- anything black, white, and citron is The Avalon (aside from The Parker's life-sized outdoor chess game), everything else is The Parker!


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posted by Elshane on May 1 2015, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Welcome home... Welcome home!

It's been a long journey of construction, 4 months in total, but we've officially laid down the last tile, painted the last beam, and fluffed the last pillow.

With our #ElSpanishOasis construction, we focused on 4 key areas. I'm releasing one of them to you today-- our beloved indoor/outdoor courtyard! We took what was simply a long, narrow enclosed driveway that was parallel to our house, and turned it into an indoor/outdoor peaceful abode, with the help of Safavieh Outdoor Furniture.

Here's our old space, a shot facing the street:

Notice the stark white wall hardly shading us from our next door neighbors. Also notice the concrete flooring, the unsightly black swing doors toward the front of our home, and the overall "driveway"-like feel.

Now see the same shot after the construction (but before any of our landscaping grew in)-- you'll notice the following things:

1. The white wall is 3 feet higher (and will soon be covered in lush greenery).

2. The driveway doors were replaced with reclaimed wood doors that are 3 feet taller and much more aesthetically pleasing.

3. The 800 sq. feet of floors have been tiled in Saltillo tile with hand-painted accent tiles.

4.We installed a water feature with light beams against the white wall.

5. We built a reclaimed wood pergola (which will soon be covered in lush greenery) to create an indoor feel outdoors.

6. We built a white wall towards the reclaimed wood doors to hide our garbage cans and BBQ.

7. We furnished the space with the most versatile and chic Safavieh Outdoor Furniture!

Enjoy some great shots below of the new space.

Can you imagine the endless entertaining we've been hosting? As it gets dark and our pergola market lights turn on, along with the surround sound system and soothing water feature, it's been an ideal spot to relax and watch the sunset. During the day, we use the space as an outdoor living room-- an easy flow to and from our backyard pool!

P.S.- Do you melt for these layered outdoor Safavieh rugs? I do!

The greatest part of our space is our outdoor furniture and layered rugs by Safavieh. It's allowed us to feel completely at home, as if we were indoors in our living room, while we are outside. Plus, the maintenance is practically non-existent. Sometimes I cover the couch cushions when I know it's going to rain at night. Otherwise, we just leave everything as is! The rugs are completely waterproof, and the cushions can be unzipped and washed when necessary (but we haven't even had to explore that yet)!

I can't wait to show you the progress of the space in a few months when the landscaping grows in, completing the look. We even planted a large tree in the center of the space. A tree in a living room? Sounds about right.

California living at its finest...

Join my conversation about my #elspanishoasis by following along these hashtags on Instagram - #elspanishoasis and #safavieh. Happy decorating!

Photography by Tori Aston.

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posted by Elshane on Mar 5 2015, under Home Decor/Entertaining

This Elshane's World way of life (you know, for the power chick who wants it all), really goes from head to toe, from inside out, from my closet to my living room. The keyword is GLAM!

Talk about full circle, funny story: Four years ago when I moved to LA from NYC, I visited a local flea market in hopes to bargain hunt trinkets and treasures to fill up my new home. I found myself in a booth filled with vibrant photographs that blew my mind-- donkeys, farmers, and everything else strangely southern perched perfectly in front of a lone Prada Marfa storefront. These images were very familiar to me-- I had seen them all over the internet by a famed photographer, and I figured I had stumbled into a steal of a re-print. I made BFF's with this cute local photog, and a few small bills later, the print was mine.

Within a year or two later, I had discovered the photographer Gray Malin, and recognized that he was the genius behind the Prada Marfa series. Although I knew I got my print from a tiny flea market vendor, it was exciting to know that I had a piece in my home that was inspired by the great artist. The piece was a no-fail conversation starter and lead me to follow each new series of Malin's work.

I even hung another series of Gray Malin-inspired photographs in my house after I honeymooned in Positano, Italy with my husband and had us each photograph the sea of orange umbrellas like in Malin's La Dolce Vita series. We framed our versions of "Positano Town" in our guest bathroom, and signed it with our honeymoon date.

But wait...the story doesn't end yet...

One perfect afternoon right after the 2015 new year, I decided to get my faux- Gray Malin Prada Marfa photograph re-framed professionally. And then it happened...

As the man at the frame store took my photograph out of my old frame, a business card fell off of the back of the artwork.

It read, Gray Malin Photography.

It was Gray who I met at the flea market that day. It was Gray who I bought my prized photograph from. It was Gray who was the photographer. It was, this entire time, an original Gray Malin Prada Marfa series!

My jaw dropped. I immediately emailed Gray from his email on the business card and asked him if I could come by to re-introduce myself, have him sign the work, and give me a big, fat hug. 

The rest? History. Art history, that is...

Here are some photos I took while visiting Gray's office to have my work signed:

Special sale alert! Today's birthday boy Gray Malin (happy birthday!) is running a one day mega sale on his Prada Marfa series on his website today! Shop the collection here!

And the other best news? These are only half of the photos from my amazing home tour. Find 12 new photos of different room by visiting Gray Malin's webiste here!


Photographs of me in my home by Tori Aston.

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posted by Elshane on Dec 17 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

It's not too late to get on Santa's your neglected friend's good side this holiday season. Online shops are still guaranteeing deliveries before Christmas, so score your favorite gifts here for that hauter than haute hostess in your life! (Ok, or yourself...)

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posted by Elshane on Oct 26 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

I'm six weddings deep into wedding season, and it's only been five weeks! Good thing I have a wild, wild west wedding to look forward to next spring... in Istanbul!

I remember the last time I was in Turkey-- you could find me haggling with the tapestry dealers in the Grand Bazaar or {raging} like a classic American dancer with moves like Elaine Benes (old Seinfeld reference) at clubs on the Bopshorus after midnight. I took a hefty side trip to Bodrum, the Saint-Tropez of Turkey and spent most of my time tanning topless on boats and eating Manti (Turkey's finest #eeeeasts-- essentially, spaghetti Bolognese, dumpling style).

Here are a bunch of photos that I never released on Elshane's World. I categorized this as Home Decor/Lifestyle because this culture is so rich with color and architectural inspiration, that you can't help but invite these images into your home. Dig in...

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posted by Elshane on Aug 27 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Dear Diary,

I had the best 30th birthday a gal could ask for!!! Well fine, I guess I should pat myself on the back and say it was all my "fault". That #ELCHELLA theme, you know, "Elshane's Coachella", was a recipe for success the second my gals started chowing down on my Fritzi Hot Dog truck, serving up LA's finest gourmet 'dogs and accouterments topped on pretzel buns.

Also, it didn't hurt that I created possibly the most epic D-I-Y station of all time, my Harajuku Sunglasses Stand, where I ordered 500 cheeseburger, ice cream cone, and penguin mini erasers, along with pearls, rhinestones, and googily eyes to hot glue onto faux Ray-Ban sunnies.

But wait, maybe it was actually the 16-person "shotski" that made #Elchella, well, #Elchella. Or do you think it was the countless Tribe of Jewels metallic tattoos that I shared with all of my guests to put where they pleased? Ah, yes, that could be it! I remember that four hours into the perfectly chilled and forever free-flowin' Tequila Avion, all of the macho guys were begging us proper ladies to "tramp stamp" their lower backs with metallic suns and tribal symbols!

Although, thinking back, I think my favorite part was actually the 4-member Rock Band that I hired and chartered to travel all the way from Santa Barbara to rock out at 10,000,000 volts of volume to classics like Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana

Wait, now I really remember why it was the best day ever...

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posted by Elshane on Jul 29 2014, under Home Decor/Entertaining

So, we're tiling the floor, wall, and water feature in our #elSpanishOasis. And it's giving me nightmares.

I have an image of what {I think} I want in my head, but no spot-on photos to show for it. (where most of these inspirational photos come from) has given me a taste of inspiration, but it seems like it's up to me to put all the pieces together (hehe).

So I went tile hopping shopping, and here's what I learned...

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