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Hello! Welcome to Sunday's new nursery!

I had honestly never dreamed of a nursery space, so when it came time to design my daughter Sunday's, I really started from square zero. I only knew for certain two things: 1. I wanted to stay on a tight budget (she has her whole life ahead of her to have grandeur rooms!), and 2. I wanted to repurpose my DIY handmade purple tulle and silver butterflies wedding veil as a focal point of the room.

After a few short months of brainstorming, I sourced items from near and far (from Target to Morocco), and ended up with a space that is both calming yet completely on point with my personality. 

Please enjoy the 30+ photos of the beautiful space, including my mini-me's infant closet tour, and the one mom accessory that I just can't contain my excitement over, by clicking the **continue reading** tab, below!

Enjoy, and please, please leave comments with your thoughts!

So how did I start from zero inspiration and end up here? I used my favorite home decor meets rapper chick formula...

(Insert beat...) I started from the bottom now I'm here!

No, literally... I started with the rug. Not the small accent rug under the chair, but the absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous grey and purple half Persian-inspired, half contemporary "mush/faded" rug that I worked with Safavieh Rugs to source. Safavieh has always been my go-to rug source, and they delivered once again with this room stand-out staple!

I knew I needed lavender to be a primary color of the space to allow my wedding veil to weave its way into the decor. I also knew I wanted to mix gold and silver accents into the nursery to create an ethereal, glistening world. The rest? Well here's how it all went down...

This is the special "mommy and me bonding time" corner of the room, featuring our glider chair, foot rest and side table. A glider is a chair that both rocks and sways, allowing mom to breastfeed her baby with ease and comfort.

I opted for this perfect grey glider chair by Babyletto since it was the most comfortable chair that didn't sacrifice style or bulky space. It's chic, clean, and comfy-- a deadly combination! Oh, and only one third the price of its Pottery Barn Kids competitor! ;)

I spied this ottoman at Target and it was an instant win. I nabbed it before anyone else, I promise... but now you'll see it on some seriously enviable home decor sites and instagrams worldwide. It's the hottest item out there right now, and it's as inexpensive at it gets. I knew I could use it for years to come... as an ottoman, stool, table, etc.

The overlay rug is a Moroccan Wedding Blanket that I sourced from the least expensive location outside of actually flying to Morocco! I've been a fan of layering rugs since my days working in Public Relations for Diane von Furstenberg-- she taught me all about the power of the layered rug! Score your very own Wedding Blanket here. (p.s.- it's traditionally called a "blanket" but it's definitely a rug!)

This rose gold drum table was another Target score. Rose gold is bursting through the jewelry scene right now, but it's pretty rare to see it in the home decor space. Had to have it!

How sweet does this doll look perched on the glider? Her manufactured name is Everly! Pottery Barn Kids Unicorn Doll


4Moms Bounceroo Swing chair, for baby's sweet and sound little daytime naps!

Do you want to hear about the curtain saga or shall I spare you the details? 

I'll give you the abridged version. I didn't get the memo that nurseries needed black-out shades until late in the game. Well, it wasn't easy to find black-out shades that suited my gold and silver needs! So after much research and investigation, and two trips to fabric stores to make my own curtains (that didn't turn out favorable or cheap), I came up with the idea to do two rows of curtains. The back row is a chic and simple tassel black-out set, and it's covered in the front by a beautiful and whimsical gold confetti curtain set. 

Solution? Close the back when nap time is eminent, and only close the front when you want that beautiful morning light to shine through the sheer confetti drapes! Pat.myself.on.the.back.

Ahhh, my DIY wedding veil has made an appearance! This wedding veil was one of my favorite memories of my wedding (did you catch the feature that Glamour mag wrote on my wedding?)

I knew the second I found out that I was having a girl, that I wanted to incorporate my special veil into her nursery. I envisioned it as a canopy above her crib, and executed it as such!

Jumbo Lamb Plush

Dreamy Cloud and Stars Crib Mobile


My perfectly pretty crib (and matching changing table/dresser) is all by Babyletto. I chose white so that the set would be timeless for kids of all genders to come! ;) I also thought the white would pop best against my painted grey walls. I found the Babyletto design of this crib set to be the chicest and most affordable of all of its equally high-end competitors. 

Elephant Crib Sheet Set

Gold Swiss Dot Crib Skirt


No room is complete without a touch of leopard (pimpin' gold Versace choker necklace sold separately). Plus, her other leg is engraved with my little lady's name in bold white letters. <3

Pottery Barn Animal Plush Rocker


Public Service Announcement: I discovered Babyganics baby products and am very excited about it. It's a full line of affordable, natural and non-toxic products that are both green and planet-safe, and baby-safe. I plan to use the entire line for my little lady, from their laundry and dish detergents to their shampoos, wipes, and hand sanitizers.

Besides, the packaging is kinda cute sitting on top of my changing table. You're welcome!


All hail closet time!

I've been very superstitious thus far and haven't bought many cothes for her, so this is it. These are a few of those "I just couldn't resist" items, particularly accessories, faux fur jackets, and little woven dresses from my trip to Mexico in December. One things for certain... I hope she likes color as much as me!


I discovered the baby shoe brand, Umi, which makes a large variety of little leather slide-ons for every little tater tot's toes! That's where you'll find these metallic moccasins that every infant wobbles and strolls around in, and the black and white star-printed Mary Jane's, too! 

And of course, turbans of every color, shape, and size will be a staple in her wardrobe. Like mother like daughter!


We've got swaddles, and stroller blankets, and security blankets, oh my!

The cutest prints and best fabrics for your too-cool-for-school-tot? It's a tie, and yes you need multiples of both! Lulujo and Bebe Au Lait.


Check list? Baby bookshelf. Check!

I filled this Pottery Barn Kids bookshelf stack with a curated selection of beautiful, meaningful, and purposeful accents.

Milestone Baby Cards Book (30 photo cards to capture your baby's first year)

Farm Animal Rattle Soft Blocks

Denim Ballerina Bunny

Gold/Black Chevron Milestone Blocks

I found the most affordable storage bins at, you guessed it, Target! The large storage bins you see in most glam nursery photos are over $100! Mine were under $20.

I filled them with the most delicious plush toys in the shapes of hot dogs, donuts and strawberries from my favorite stuffed animal brand, Yummy World.


Oh, and this ol' thang? Only my FAVORITE accessory that I can't wait to rock!!! It's the newest LILLEbaby limited edition Tokidoki printed baby and child carrier. It's the best and safest carrier in the game, and so happens to come in the world's coolest print.

You'll be seeing this carrier on me daily. Best part? You'll be seeing it on my husband, as well! (Took me a few days of convincing him to go with this wild print, but like I always say to him, he knows exactly who he married!)

So there we have it. A glistening lavender and gold room, a male labradoodle in a purple tutu (Homer loves dressing up, I promise!), and a closet and toy bin just waiting to get rummaged through.

I hope you liked Sunday's nursery tour! Please leave your comments below. :)


Photography by Valorie Darling

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