posted by Elshane on Nov 27 2018, under Fashion

There's been an obvious lack of presence on my blog lately, and there's only one explanation. 

" ... It's not me, it's you... "

No, but really, it is you. It seems with the evolution of digital media, our eyes are more invested in the scroll of Instagram, the pins of Pinterest, and the chatters of Twitter, rather than the "old school" blog format. I don't disagree. I think blogs in general feel a little stale lately. To be honest, even I don't read them anymore.

I've toyed with the idea of molding my blog into something else, but for now, it will remain what it has always been, a photo diary of the ins and outs of my world. I will continue to keep you on board, so check in here and there to see what's new! 


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posted by Elshane on Aug 13 2018, under Baby/Motherhood


So we moved to NYC in a flash and I was determined to create a nursery for Sunday that felt warm and inviting, as if she never left Los Angeles. I knew that this NYC apartment was temporary for us, since we'll be back in LA in no time, so I was on a serious budget, but I didn't want to sacrifice style.

I styled my nursery around this palm printed peel on/peel off (like a sticker) wallpaper to remind our family of our life in Los Angeles that we love so much. The rest of the decor was up for grabs...

I stumbled upon, a home decor site that allows you to visualize your space as you decorate it with items from their site. Since their database of inventory spans from all of our fan-favorite home decor sites, from Pottery Barn and West Elm, to Wayfair, Serena & Lily, and beyond, I was able to search items by price and style to fit my needs.

Here's how it works...



I found this dreamy orange rug that I thought would compliment my palm printed wallpaper perfectly. Then I played around with different cribs--  I surprised even myself when I ended up choosing this light wooden crib. Once I saw virtually how well it sat on top of the orange rug, I knew it was my best choice. 

Funny thing is, if I were shopping in a store and didn't first see the virtual layout of this room, I never would have picked the wooden crib to go with the orange rug. made me realize how important it is to virtually see a layout of a space before you make big decisions.



The apartment we rented came fully furnished, so this white daybed was already in the room. If I were designing the room from scratch, I wouldn't have chosen to add this piece of furniture, but it's proven to be an incredible lounge space for Sunday and I to lay on and read together every night. 



The closets in the apartment were designed for adults-- beautiful, ample hanging space-- but that leaves so much wasted space when storing tiny kids clothing! I purchased these fun plastic drawers to store all of Sunday's foldables, which allowed for maximum usage of the closet space.



Now that I look at it, I definitely was subconsciously inspired to choose that orange rug because of the incredible orange light fixture that came with the room! If I could, I'd run away with this light fixture and never come back! It's so fabulous and really adds an element of individuality to the space. 



Most importantly, Sunday absolutely loves her room. She loves her crib (is it ok if I keep her sleeping in one until she's 10?) and she loves the juxtaposition of color and good vibes. 

I hope it reminds her of Los Angeles the way it does for me. 

It seems that a slab of wallpaper, a crib, some throw pillows, and a few baskets can really go a long way for a "nursery on the fly"! 

With love from NYC, XO


** You can shop all of my decor pieces in my shop the look section below! **


Photography by Cameron Mirza


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posted by Elshane on Jul 17 2018, under Life of a Stylist


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of my go-to luxury fashion destinations-- They asked me to discuss my favorite accessories trend of the summer, which naturally is a statement earring moment!

Truthfully, I can't get enough of the statement earring craze. She comes in all shapes and sizes, from mismatched (a personal favorite), to tassel, to oversized hoops and tiny hoops, and the list goes on. Below, I graze the topic and share some must-score earrings for our highly anticipated 2018/2019 fasHUN season ahead! 

Plus, you can shop my favorites in my SHOP THE LOOK section below! My ears are already ringing! ;)


For the full article, check out

Photos by @theminimalistblonde

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posted by Elshane on May 14 2018, under Home Decor/Entertaining

Well New York has been off to an exciting start! You have to remember, the last time I lived here, I was in my 20's, working a 9-7 job, single, and living in a shoe box studio.

Now, 8 years later I'm back and I'm a complete 180! I'm in my 30's, own my own business on my own time, I'm married with a daughter, and living in an apartment {and life!} of my dreams. 

So yes, New York has been fun. But... there was something missing...


I was invited (and honored) to host a Mother's Day event in conjuntion with Cybex (the high end stroller and car seat company) and Fashion Mamas (a members-only organization that brings together working mamas in the fashion industry). 

This event came at the perfect time for me. Amist relishing the new adventure that was New York City, came a deep loneliness -- missing my mama friends, companions, and co-workers in Los Angeles whom I had grown so close to -- sharing every silly detail about our parenting existance. 

Although relationships like that never fade, it was important that I carved new relationships with like-minded mothers in New York City, so I jumped on the opportunity to host an event that catered to ultimate boss mamas. 

The company, the decor, the florals, the food, and the laughs... it was all divine! Thank you to all who attended my Mother's Day brunch. I loved meeting each and every one of you! Until next time...



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posted by Elshane on Apr 11 2018, under Fashion

So, yeah, it's been quite a little bit of time since my last post. I'll give it to you straight.

...It was a perfect day in LA, 80 degrees. I had spent the day chasing my daughter around our pool in the backyard, our dog following our every move. A classic, "ahh haaa...LA is simply the best" kind of day. Then my husband came home from work and dropped a mini bomb on us... we kinda, sorta, maybe, probably, had to move to NYC within the month. {For his job.}



I was sad for like... one week. Devastated. Crushed.

Our perfect LA life was over in the blink of an eye. Both my husband and I were from NYC-- we knew exactly what we were getting into moving back to the city. It wasn't a life we wanted. 



The Stoneman Douglas High School shooting happened. Instantly I didn't care ONE bit about my move. Why on earth did it matter that I was moving across the country with my happy and healthy family? I felt so blessed just to be able to experience this life with the people I cherish most. 

In the end, I reminded myself that life isn't always the stick figure drawing you made up in school. A four person family holding hands in front of your square house-- instead, it's most certainly a scribbled up version of just that. It's the eraser marks and the wobbly lines in between the final portrait. And I learned that quickly with this move. Yes-- I miss LA deeply, but we will be back, one day very soon. In the meantime, I'm going to live the best life I can live with the people I love most, wherever that may be.


So from that awakening onwards, it's just been GREEN LIGHT. Pack, sort, shuffle, organize, rent, buy, store, save, hire, fire. MOVE.

And that's how we did it. Welcome to the New York City edition!


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posted by Elshane on Sep 5 2017, under Fashion

Pass me an exaggerated sleeve and dare me not to werk it!

This dress gives me all the feels... the bow, the sleeve, the gingham, the leg. It's one of those dresses that is a welcome closet addition because it's truly like nothing else.

It's a teaser into fall fashion. Something that doesn't yet scream- ICEBERG RIGHT AHEAD. And also doesn't scream- AT THE BEACH BOY!

Plus, it's on sale for $60. Click my shoppable links below to check her out!

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posted by Elshane on Aug 8 2017, under Fashion

Of all the memories I have spending my 20's living in New York, the crispest of those memories were those spent on rooftops. In the concrete jungle, there's no such thing as a backyard, so rooftops easily become coveted outdoor space. 

Day drinking, sun tanning, happy hour cocktail'n, all-night rooftop ragers... ok, I'm noticing a theme... rooftops and drinking definitely went hand in hand (LOL). It felt good to be back in my stomping grounds doing what I love to do most-- sip vino and stare at the endless NYC skyline.

Plus, this dress didn't hurt the view... 


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posted by Elshane on Jul 28 2017, under Fashion

I'll never forget at work one day (back when I handled public relations and styling at the Diane von Furstenberg HQ), Diane breezed by my desk, as she always did, taking note of her surroundings, and offering the most rewarding smirks along the way. Only this time, she stopped at my best friend's desk, and opened her mouth...

"Kate, you look like an Italian movie star." Ok, but seriously, imagine those words in a fabulous mixed European tone with accents on all the rights words. Italian. Star. 

Kate was effortless that day. She went super au-natural with her hair (thanks to her genes though, picture long, thick Lea Michele locks, half brushed), and was wearing an easy day dress with no fuss. She was an Italian movie star! She was natural, feminine, and raw. 

Kate and I will never forget that moment... Kate sought out to look like an Italian movie star every day forward after that. And I envisioned my life without the extra blue eyeliner, yellow nails, curled hair, and stacks of bangles. (Sigh!?)


And sometimes, just sometimes, the Italian movie star comes out in me, like this moment in NYC. <3


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