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posted by Elshane on May 19 2017, under Baby/Motherhood

Chasing after the speediest banana feet in spikey Louboutin sneakers is pretty much the story of my life. Besides, it makes for a pretty cute photo!

We've been loving the entire line of Freshly Picked moccasins. They actually stay on Sunday's feet... ALWAYS. I'll never forget a few months ago when I was strolling Sunday around the block and I saw a single baby shoe sitting on the side of the road. I wondered, "whoooo, and whyyyyyy?!"

Now that Sunday's walking running, I understand exactly why. These babies walk right out of their shoes, literally

But these Freshly Picked moccs are different. They fit Sunday's feet almost like a second layer of skin, and the elastic strap keeps the shoes secure on her chunky baby ankles. And can we discuss this adorable banana print?! 

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posted by Elshane on Apr 25 2017, under Baby/Motherhood

Well this was cool! Sometimes it's just fun to bunker down in your own backyard or nearby park and set up a pretend picnic. Sunday and I utilized a good 45 minutes of playtime here-- setting up place settings, eating "food" (wooden food is delicious, don't ya know!), smelling flowers, and dressing like the pretty garden ladies we were always destined to be.

It seems like these wooden food shapes are the go-to for all babies and toddlers (shop them in my SHOP section below), and my new baby-friendly plates, silverware, and insulated food jar from SkipHop made for the perfect picnic setting.

We really do take these SkipHop items with us to the park at all times! They're the perfect lightweight set to keep Sunday's eating on the run happy, healthy, clean, and cold/warm as needed! Shop all the fun colors and prints below!


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posted by Elshane on Apr 17 2017, under Baby/Motherhood

Trying to make light of the fact that I couldn't make it to Coachella this year, I shared a fun little Kidchella moment with my littles, instead. 

For Sunday, I wanted to give a nod to her father's obsession with the Grateful Dead paired with my love for tie dye, sunnies, and overly ridiculous accessories. Mission accomplished!

For Homer, well... he was easy breezy. His new "Beverly Hills Hotel Valet Parking Attendant Shirt" as we call it, was a clear match for the occasion. And Sunday even let him borrow a pair of her shades to complete the look.

I think it's safe to say that there will be more themed dress up moments to come... especially now that Sunday is starting to reach for mommy's handbags and shoes. ;) 

We can call this a mommy match made in heaven! <3

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posted by Elshane on Mar 30 2017, under Baby/Motherhood


And like THAT... (insert swift finger snap)... she's ONE!

In true Elshane form, a celebratory event doesn't come and go without a celebration. Sunday's first birthday was no exception. But I had to be strategic-- this innocent soul wouldn't remember a thing from this special day-- so it had to be just enough, but not too much. 

Basically, we wanted an excuse for our family and friends to gather, eat cake, and take epic photos to last a lifetime. Mission complete!

Here's how it all went down...



Sunday Funday was a natural choice for a theme-- I guess you can say it's less a "theme", and more a "mentality". But hey, that's how I feel about life in general! So yes, our mentality was Sunday Funday. We celebrated on a Sunday, for Sunday's birthday, which strategically fell on a Sunday this year. Yes, yes, yes!!!





The FIRST thing I did when planning the party was book the entertainment. I knew there was only ONE choice- The Beat Buds! They're basically like The Beatles of Southern California. If you live in or around SoCal, there's truly no other choice for kid's entertainment. 

They strolled into the party with endless instruments both for them to play, and for the kids to jam out with, too. Their original songs (like how to say Hello in many languages) are so catchy that I honestly spied many parents boogie'n in their boots. (CAUGHT!)

Sunday said "BYE MOM" and hung out as a Beat Buds band groupie the entire party. No joke-- it's like I wasn't even there. (Ok, it was a little sad, but mostly thrilling to watch her undying independence and jam ability.)





And what's a party without Pinterest-worthy splashes of decor? That's where Minted came in. The stationery powerhouse was a one-stop-shop for perfectly pretty banners, photo backdrops, garlands, table confetti, and theme signs that sprinkled the entire outdoor space.

The washed pink canvas "1st Sunday Funday" photo backdrop was the icing on the selfie wall cake.

Shop these items in my Shop The Post section below!




CALLING ALL INSTAGRAMERS!!! You can't forget the must-have party moment for any Instagram-obsessed chick like myself-- a selfie wall!!

With the help of Pottery Barn Kids x Emily + Meritt's newest collection that just hit stores last week, I created a swoon-worthy stars Teepee, lion and cat beanbags, metallic pillows, and pom pom garland backdrop that welcomed tots in for a cozy photo in perfect lighting. 

And who can say no to babies in Teepees in perfect lighting?!

Shop these items in my Shop The Post section below!





And lastly, the moment we had all been waiting for... the SMASH CAKE!! I wondered what Sunday would do in that first moment that sugar touched her sweet little lips. Some babies cry, some scream, some dive in face first and never let go!

Well... as you can see from the photos... need I say more?!


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posted by Elshane on Mar 19 2017, under Baby/Motherhood

Leopard is my favorite color.

Leopard is a neutral.

Leopard is calming.

Leopard is healing.

Have I hypnotized you yet? 

Doing a little matchy-matchy with the tot is always a fun time. I just realized that my last blog entry was a leopard post, as well. I guess that's what happens when it occupies 30% of your (and your little's) wardrobe...

Not sorry. Now back to regularly scheduled programing...

Leopard is organic.

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posted by Elshane on Feb 27 2017, under Baby/Motherhood

I'm envious of my friends (you know who you are) who make photo albums after each vacation. Not an online Facebook album, not an Instagram hashtag; I'm talking an actual hard copy photo album that gets stashed on a bookshelf in your living room to dive into years later. I'm just not that girl. I have a baby, and I want to try harder to be that girl. Considering that all of her most precious baby items are literally the size of bagel crumbs, the idea of a keepsake box to store every token memory in one small space is practically genius.

Half of the box is for documents (think sonogram photos, doctor growth charts, etc.), and the other half is this miniature bookshelf-esque box in a box in a box system that fits her first shoes, first hat, favorite doll, and "come home from the hospital" outfit. 

News Flash: I now AM THAT GIRL!!!!!


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posted by Elshane on Dec 28 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

I've been spending the last week of December rather uninterrupted with my family. This is really the only week of the entire year that both my husband and I don't feel {toooo} bad about checking out from work for a few days. So I've been soaking it up!

Although we love a good adult-only date day or night, lately we've been having the most fun spending our free time hanging out with this special lady you see pictured here. She's just at an age where she is 100% FUN all the time. We can't get enough! 

This Ice Cream Castles romper has been a wardrobe staple on her for months now. Onesies are such a no brainer for cold weather. Also, my fur slides that I'm wearing are finally back in stock here. Get them while you can-- they go QUICK!

I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday and New Year with their family and friends! Tons of love and see you in '17!

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posted by Elshane on Dec 6 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

They grow so fast! But it keeps getting better...

Now that Sunday is so mobile and active at her ripe age of 8 months, we love taking her everywhere with us on the weekends. I used to lug my 25 lb stroller everywhere I went-- the schlepping, OMG! Break it down, throw sorry I mean use all my arm strength possible to jam it in the back of my trunk, put it back together, narrowly squeeze through crowds with my wide load... I think you get the idea.

There's a time and place for the big mama stroller-- but when you're on the go on the weekends, something ultra light, foldable, thin and portable is just what the...Pediatrician ordered. ;) 

A friend recommended Joovy as her go-to "umbrella stroller" brand. (Get it? It folds up on the go like an umbrella.) I've been loving the accessibility of it, and I know Sunday feels pretty fly in it, as well!

I mean, really though. What does she have to complain about? The girl has a multiple car garage for herself. We're doing just fine.

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