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posted by Elshane on Dec 1 2016, under Beauty


When a golden tan isn't at your fingertips, your beauty routine has to rely less on the natural glow, and more on a statement punch. A bold lip for winter is a classic beauty hack used by celebrity makeup artists and taste makers worldwide. Who knew that two swipes of a colored stick could be considered so "genius"? 

I've laid out my five favorite lip colors for winter, from the most trusted lipstick brands in the game. Simple, affordable, and stylish, these colors are guaranteed to elevate your winter style!

Above is the Urban Decay Sheer Shame. This stick is a mixed berry hue with a bit of shine-- it's juicy and sultry. 

Reds are a delicate subject-- there are the orangey reds (like above), and the blue-ish reds (like below). It's beneficial to have both in your makeup drawer!

Above is Laura Geller's Big Apple Red. It's shiny and bright and ultra moisturizing.

Now here's a blue-ish red by NARS called Dragon Girl. This stick is a fan favorite and an Elshane's World ultra-fav. If you don't own it-- I'm confused. What are you waiting for? It's matte, dry, and long lasting. It looks good on absolutely, positively everyone!

Milani makes the most luxurious, affordable makeup in the game. This purple berry hue, called 65, is rich enough to be the stand-alone statement to your day or evening's outfit. It's one of those colors that you should expect to get stopped on the street for-- the compliments keep coming!

And then there's that perfect nude that is a makeup drawer must. For the times when you go heavy on the eyes, but need a lip to finish the look. Flower's Naked Petal will give you just that-- all for a shocking $7!

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posted by Elshane on Mar 14 2016, under Beauty

I created my own DIY nail dip and I wanted to share it with my peeps!

It all started when I had a free hour in the afternoon a few days ago and I wanted to give the Hello Kitty x OPI polishes a whirl. I grabbed the Starry Eyed (Hot Pink) and painted my nails, figuring that's where the story would end...

After I finished painting, I looked down at my nails and I just didn't feel satisfied. The color, which looked so cool in the bottle, actually gave off a bit of a dorky vibe sitting alone on my nails. However, after all of the work I just did, I didn't want to take the polish off. So I sought out a solution to "rock them out"!!!

I grabbed for the Never Have Too Mani Friends (Black) color in the same Hello Kitty x OPI kit. I knew if I offset the pink with black, my nails would instantly pop. I thought about what I could do with the black... add a black dot in the center of each nail? Do a black French tip? I settled on a half/half nail dip design because it seemed easy enough to execute.

So that's the story. I waited until the pink dried completely, then did a half paint of black from cuticle to mid-nail, directly over the pink. Finished it off with a top coat and instantly my nails transformed! 

Get the look with these polish colors: Starry Eyed (Hot Pink) and Never Have Too Mani Friends (Black)

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posted by Elshane on Feb 29 2016, under Beauty

Calling all blue and green eyed gals!!!

I know colored eyeshadow was last seen in the garbage can of your bathroom circa '98, but I have a fresh spin on a color so bold yet neutral, that it will have you jumping out of bed in the morning to put your makeup on!

Pink eyeshadow is the new black jean. It sort of just goes with everything. Think of it as a neutral--notice this YSL palette that I'm currently crushing, how the pink colorway that I used in the bottom left corner is surrounded by its neutral partners.

It's particularly strong for blue and green eyes because it brightens and lightens the pigment in your eyes, turning your green or blue beauties into light crystal balls. It's pretty incredible to witness. 

For a day at the office, I slab on the pink shadow with some light mascara and call it a day. It makes my baby greens pop off my face and speaks to the whole "no makeup, makeup" look perfectly.

At night, I add a strong cat eye line like shown above to give my lids some extra drama. Another option for night is to line your crease with the deep purple in the center of the palette.

I love this YSL palette because the colors surrounding the pink on the bottom left are incredible choices for highlighting and shading for your evening look. 

Now go give your eyes a high drama update and try this eyeshadow trend today!

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posted by Elshane on Jan 18 2016, under Beauty

Winter sneaks up on me each year and I often forget to amp up my hair and skin routine to prepare in time. But, like everything else in life (I truly believe), it's never too late to start.

I tested out some new beauty products while in the perfect cold climate this weekend-- Aspen, Colorado! And I've survived to report some exciting news about each item...


BLISS UN-BUFFING BELIEVABLE smoothing finishing balm: I'm not usually one for extra steps on my typical wash- moisturize- makeup facial routine. But this balm came highly reviewed so I gave her a whirl. The packaging was what I thought would be the best part of the product (there's a magical brush that sprouts from inside an all-in-one compact), but I was wrong. The actual product was the star. 

The balm is like an instagram filter for the face. It's intended to be the final step after you apply your bronzer or foundation makeup. It's creamy but dry, and gives a matte-dewy finishing glow. (Oxymoron, I know, but that's the only way to describe its affect.) Perfect for skin that is destined to be cracked and dry in these remaining winter months. $35.


KORA ORGANICS Cream Cleanser: I had lunch with Miranda Kerr last month in Los Angeles and she introduced me to her skincare line that I had never before tried. We bonded over pregnancy and organic skin solutions for these challenging nine months. If that glowing face of hers swore behind her skin products during her pregnancy, then I thought it was good enough for me. 

She sent me her entire line and although I've been using the Day and Night Face Cream from day one, it took a month for me to test out the Cream Cleanser. I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight consistency of the cream-- it felt like I was truly cleaning my skin while avoiding all of the harsh chemicals that so many cleansers pack in. The smell of the cream is natural and lightly fragrant, yet not overbearing, which I loved. It's a keeper! $52.

KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME Hair Oil: This product is for every chick (and dude!) who doesn't need to wash their hair every day because it gets greasy. For all normal to dry hair types out there, like me, this is the perfect winter to summer hair oil!

This oil works either before you wash your hair as a pre-conditioning treatment, or post-wash as a leave-in conditioning treatment. It left my hair silky, soft, smooth and full of life, all without the grease. If you don't use an oil on your hair in general, I recommend this product-- it protects from split ends, over-drying, and winter weather by restoring strength to your strands! $50.

LAURA GELLER Concealer Crayon: I'm a NARS devotee when it comes to my concealer, but I thought it was only fair to give this crayon a shot. It has a thinner consistency than my NARS crayon, which for dry and flaky winter skin is a big plus. My only problem with the crayon is that the color is a little too orange for my skin tone-- something that's more individual to the person using the product. I recommend trying this in person before buying! $22.

CHANEL Match Box Cover: Ok, this doesn't have anything to do with beauty, but it's certainly cute enough to keep on your vanity. I found one for you on sale for $92 here.

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posted by Elshane on Nov 27 2015, under Beauty

I'm a beauty junkie and I'm always proud to share my findings with my favorite audience. Here's the deal...

I try product after product after product-- so you don't have to! Everything on this gift guide I've gathered is a tried and true recipe for success-- I use each and every single one of these products daily or weekly! I stand behind these products, and can't wait for you to experiment with their greatness.

Whether you're in the market for a new eye shadow palette or face cream, or you haven't quite realized how important it is to never leave home without your brow pencil (my #1 beauty secret), this guide will gear you up to put your best face forward in 2016!

Enjoy shopping my favorite mascaragycolic face mask, the best red lip color in the gameeveryday perfume, and more! And don't forget about your friends for the holidays... beauty packages make the perfect gift. 

Shop products by clicking item links below or by clicking their photo in the SHOP THE LOOK tab below.

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posted by Elshane on Oct 12 2015, under Beauty

Bobbi Brown has launched her new collection of lip shades in her best selling Luxe Lip lipstick. She's packed in a rich 20 hues in an array of feminine fall shades from pink nudes, to autumn corals, to vampy reds. Here, I'm wearing Pink Guava!

The lipstick is creamy with a medium shine and delivers vibrant full lip coverage with just one or two swipes. It's also infused with vitamins C and E and MaxiLip, plumps lips, and supports natural collagen production.

Possibly its best attribute? The fact that it's parabens, sulfates, and phthalates free. $35 at Sephora.

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posted by Elshane on Sep 10 2015, under Beauty

I've discovered a way to bring out my inner Blake Lively. Wear her favorite red lipstick!

How chic is the new edition of Colour Riche by L'Oreal Paris, naming each shade of new red lipstick after their gorgeous female brand ambassadors? Although I'm #teamBlake all the way, I will say that the Zoe (Saldana) deep vampy red is my new favorite fall hue.

With colors hand-selected by Blake, Zoe, Eva, Julianne, Liya, and Freida, it's easy to find your tone in the bunch. 

The texture of these sticks is creamy-- somewhere in between shiny and matte. Easy to apply, but of course, like any bold red color, best for a short evening out to avoid a high maintenance night ahead! I love the Liya (Kebede) red for an afternoon lunch with the girls. Throw on a casual pair of aviator sunnies and let your red lips do all the talking. ;)

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posted by Elshane on Jun 8 2015, under Beauty

I have a confession. I have always {and will always} be a simple chapstick girl.

But this series of Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss kinda sorta maybe brought me to the dark side.

I love these glosses because they're so sheer so they really just accentuate your natural lip color and simply add a little sexy shine. They're not sticky {sticky lip gloss terrifies me}, and they're not creamy {creamy lip gloss reminds me of frosted lips from the 90's}. They're a perfect in between. 

And, since they're labeled "nourishing" on the packaging, it makes me feel like I'm applying chapstick, after all! So, yeah... I'm into them. A lot.

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