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There's something about a trendy item that just never sits well with me. I picture walking into a restaurant towards a sea of twinning girls, my absolute worst nightmare.

But then again, to abandon trends all together is not my style either. Trendy girls can't just call "dibs" on certain looks-- not under my watch!

So I stand somewhere in the middle. Here's a case where I found a really trendy item-- the denim culotte, and made the most of it. For under $65, I scored not only something that has refreshed my closet in a major way, but also an item that flatters my body and is beyond baby-proof. {Shout out to never wear silk again, sadly. The spit-up game is real.}

These culottes from CottonOn were just what I needed last weekend during a routine trip to Rodeo Drive. And to be able to pair them back to my staple designer shoes and accessories made me feel at home where I'm most myself... on the streets of Beverly Hills, of course!!! :)

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posted by Elshane on Aug 16 2016, under Fashion

Been inching my way into fall fashion lately, despite the 90 degree morning wake up calls.

The only justifiable way to get excited about fall at this point is by slowly investing in fall tops. Bow blouses are so killer right now since denim is e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in fashion and you {duh} need something fresh to pair with your new jeans. However, since it's still a heat wave, these distressed jean shorts were an appropriate trade-off of the moment.

But I'm picturing this bow blouse for fall with a perfectly worn in pair of ever-so-slightly distressed denim skinny jeans, tucked in, with a killer monster platform shoe! {Currently coveting the Stella McCartney oxfords....eek....why are they so expensive??? SOS!!!!} You get the idea. So fresh, so fly.

Point of the story? I shopped the internet for some of my favorite of-the-moment bow blouses for you to get your hands on now. All contemporary, chic, and timeless! Check the Shop My Look section below for details!

Photographs taken on the Long Beach boardwalk on Long Island, NY.

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posted by Elshane on Aug 9 2016, under Fashion

Us fashion stylists can't stress it enough-- the white sneaker is your greatest style ally to date. 

It has rehydrated the mini dress, refreshed the skinny jean, and freed the bare leg. It's the most refreshing easy update that fashion has seen in years; completely ageless, genderless, and timeless. 

I love watching my husband wear his classic whites with a navy suit for an afternoon wedding, and my adorable little interns run around in their classic whites with cut off jean shorts. I choose to stay boss-lady-cool and wear mine with dresses and short suits. 

Give some classic white kicks a spin this fall season and watch how an it-shoe under $100 can transform your outfit! I've included some of my favorite white kicks in my shop the look section below, along with these white slides that I have been loving lately!

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posted by Elshane on Aug 5 2016, under Fashion

It's the trend that has given laziness the street {style} credit that it has long yearned for. 

Pajama dressing... robe dressing... sweatpants chic, whatever it is you want to call it. Me? I call it the perfect time in fashion for motherhood. {Ha.... ha.... ha.... tear... tear... tear...}

All joking aside, if you know me at all you know I never miss an opportunity to get dressed. So the thought of pajamas as outerwear is not compelling, considering I don't even wear pajamas or robes inside the home because they make me feel un-chic even when I'm alone in my house. (Although, Target has been making some pretty swoon-worthy cheapie matching pj's that I bought for my labor/delivery-- shop those here).

Anyway, point is? I found a pajama gown that makes me feel fabulous. And comfortable. And chic. And cool. When I put it on it made me want to lounge in Beverly Hills at a sexy hotel with a glass of vino in hand, surrounded by crisp palm trees and pretty people-watching.

So I did. And here I am.

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posted by Elshane on Aug 2 2016, under Health/Fitness

I'll be the first to admit that I was nervous about what pregnancy could do to my body. Fitness has always been important to me, and being fit has always been a major part of my identity.

I enlisted myself in a 57 day challenge with Physique 57 the moment my doctor gave me the thumbs up to work out again at 6 weeks post partum. I had done barre-inspired workouts for years and I always knew they were the best for my body type. The mix of ballet-inspired movements with small intervals of light cardio had always been a successful way for me to stay lean and toned. 

So the question remained... would 4 days per week of Physique 57 workouts for 57 consecutive days be enough to reclaim my pre-baby body?

At 6 weeks post partum, I was 10 lbs away from my pre-baby weight. I had love handles, a bit of extra "skin" ;) on my belly, my hips were wider, and my thighs were bigger than normal. I could sort of fit into my jeans, but only the stretchy ones. But I wouldn't dare wear any of them because I didn't feel thin enough to wear pants. 

In Physique 57, a large part of the workout emphasizes core, which as many of you know, is at the root of my postpartum recovery issues. I have Diastasis Recti (my abdomen split in half during pregnancy and is still working to reconnect), but the instructors are all well-trained in Diastasis Recti and pregnancy in general, so they were able to offer me safe modified abdominal workouts. 

Other than core, Physique 57 focuses heavily on butt and thighs, with a light arms section in the beginning. The movements are small and refined, allowing you to carefully tone each part of your body while actually having fun and listening to pop music. Squatting and pulsing to Rihanna and Beyonce is always a thumbs up in my books!

So the results... did I drop the 10 lbs???


I lost 7 lbs in those 57 days. I regained my 6-pack and now fit into all of my jeans again. I'm still fighting to loose these stubborn last 3 lbs, but I know I'm closer than ever. Physique 57 chopped off nearly all of my final baby weight, and now it's up to me to finish what I started.

For being not even 4 months post-partum, I'm pretty proud of my recovery. Blame it on summertime and bikinis... but I can promise you that I'll loose the rest by end of summer.

Or at least try...

Are you interested in trying Physique 57? There are studios in New York City, the Hamptons, and Beverly Hills, and they're offering the first class free with code P57EW at checkout on their website.

If you don't live in one of these cities, or simply don't have the time to leave the house for a workout (shout out to all the times I did my very own P57 workouts from my living room floor streaming through my television while my baby was napping in the morning), you can score 2 weeks of free video on demand by using the code P57EW at checkout of the Video On Demand section on their site!


Photographs taken at the Beverly Hills Physique 57 studio by Sabrina Hill.

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posted by Elshane on Jul 25 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

I'm not sure why I didn't think of this sooner. 

This matching mommy- daughter moment is something I will never forget (oh, I know why... because I've repeated this outfit four times different states... with different friends... at different parties).

I can't wait to continue to find ways to match my little one. Do you think my husband will ever get on board? That's a big, fat, NO! But I'm up for the challenge...

This entire matching lewk is available online! The baby romper is from GAP and my top is currently breaking the internet with coolness overload.

What do you think of the momma and baby matching moment? Would you do it? How about with your son? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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posted by Elshane on Jul 19 2016, under Fashion

Anything leopard, anything goes. It's my second skin, my black, my security blanket, my happy place. And leopard on leopard? DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Move over Real Housewives of {insert any city here}. Leopard is more than just a tight cougar dress. Hey hey, no hate for tight cougar dresses or any Real Housewives (shout out to Andy Cohen all day everyday), r-e-s-p-e-c-t. But, just saying... there are cooler ways to wear leopard.

Peak into any fashion influencer's life these days and spy her rocking a mini dress with classic kicks. It's an easy style victory that can go from the office to the bar to the pick-up line at school! {... you like how I so casually just dropped in my new motherly role?}

Wait a minute... maybe I am a Real Housewife after all... 

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posted by Elshane on Jul 11 2016, under Baby/Motherhood

The ease of convenience dressing is as necessary for a new mama as ever. Like the boxer's satin shorts, the soccer player's shin guards, and the gymnasts leotard, easily washable and wipeable jersey fabrics are our tribe's uniform. 

Part of me misses my silk blouses, silk dresses, silk blazers... silk everything, I guess... but there's no turning back now. Trips to the dry cleaner for every little spit up and drool is just not the best way to spend my free time these days. So cotton or jersey it is. 

This DVF romper is the perfect compromise for me since it's flashy and sassy and fine, just the way I love to dress {dress UP all day, errrday!} and functions as an easy to clean fabric. It's the VIP dress code for every VIP fashion mama!

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